"M u s e o" d e A r q u i t e c t u r a I n d í g e n a

“Museo”, muy entre comillas y mientras toma un nombre definitivo, ya que se trata mas bien de un “Centro Cultural”. Lo vivo del espacio y el tipo de actividades ha realizarse poco tienen que ver con la solemnidad y distancia de lo que entendemos por museo. Absolutamente mas vivenciad que académica. 

All the literature on the subject is important and welcome, the anthropological work of Chagnon and Lizzot with the Yanomami, Zent Standfort with The Piaroas and Hotis, G. Gasparini and L. Margolies with their "Architectura Indigena de Venezuela", just tomention some, efforts like that of A. Signi and the Ethnological Museum in Puerto Ayacucho, as well as all the efforts of all organizations that are somehow working to improve indigenous reality.